First blog post

Hello all!

This will be my new site focused mainly on my crochet related crafts, and occasionally whatever else I decided to make. As well as some freebies thrown in the mix! Just now getting everything all set up and pretty, so bare with me on the mess please 😛



7 thoughts on “First blog post”

      1. Hi there 😀 Good to see you again! Uhhm…I’m not sure why my “Follow” button isnt there. ._. usually if you load the page and go to the lower right corner the button is there. If not I will see how to manually add one or something lol. 🙂 Thanks for letting me know!

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      2. Thanks for looking into it, Millie! Well, I figured out what the problem was – my browser kind of broke and needed to be updated before it would display certain scripts (including the Follow button). Update completed yesterday and button found! Which I am very happy about. 😀 Thanks again!


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