Crochet Meets Canvas: My new Project!

Good morning~ The weather outside is a horrible shade of gray and the humidity is sky high, what a great day to not leave my house at all. Which is kind of alright, I have more time to work on my latest venture.

Here are my first two punny canvas works. The aim had been to combine something I love, with another art that I also love but am pretty horrible at. Looking online I noticed there were other very beautiful detailed canvas/crochet works that were very inspiring. Yet I remembered I am a beginner and to start small šŸ˜†.

Figuring I can’t mess up just a single color backgeound, I walked out of Michaels with my first piece of canvas and painting supplies. I’ll admit, I instantly felt very artsy. “Donut Worry” was the first one I made. The hardest part had been the stencil letters, having never used one before it took two hours of slow motion, snail pace painting. Of course, I was covered in white paint, but thrilled with the results.

Then I got over confident. “You gotta pizza my heart” had been rushed, hence my slanting letters. Right now as I prepare for the last piece, I’m conscious that you can’t rush art!

The amount of joy I get from making these is surprising, they are so simple and I’m not even sure this is considered a “painting” yet I love them. I am debating if these will be a part of my online store, sold locally, or even just hang them up in my house. When I finish the whole mini series I will decide, opinions would be helpful šŸ˜Š

Thanks for reading lovelies! May your 4th July weekend be fun filled, and hopefully a lot sunnier than mine ā˜€šŸ’•

-Paint covered Millie


9 thoughts on “Crochet Meets Canvas: My new Project!”

  1. Aww, how cute! Combining stenciling and crochet work makes for an interesting composition. I can’t wait to see the third one! Even if you don’t want to sell the originals, I think that prints would be cute too. Like for postcards! šŸ˜€

    And Happy (early) Fourth to you too!


      1. Ahah, we had rain too. . . but luckily it cleared up in the evening so we could still see some fireworks. šŸŽ†šŸŽ†šŸŽ†
        No problem, glad you like the idea! šŸ˜€


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