Feeling Blue

Hello everyone!

Been a bit busy the past few days, took my first trip to Busch Gardens and was completely wiped out the next day but oh so much summer fun. Finally I had the time to write this quick post about my favorite piece of clothing at the moment, my shawl!


MAXIMUM COMFORT. I used “I Love this Yarn” in Stonewash tone for the main part which turned out super pretty. Also this particular color was a slightly thinner size 4 yarn, making the shawl not too heavy or light. Unfortunately summer is coming full force now with a permanent thick humidity, so I could only enjoy wearing this for a few minutes before I was getting sweaty. I did get to officially sport my look last night at a 1 am IHop date, which was perfect because the air conditioning was very high.

One day I would love to make more of these. Already my mother is demanding I make one for her, which would be perfect she’s ALWAYS cold too ahahaha. Thanks for reading my update! I will be coming back next time with another easy (and food related) tutorial.

Happy sunny weekend to you all! ❀ Millie



6 thoughts on “Feeling Blue”

  1. Ahh it’s looks so comfy! ❀️ The Stonewash color looks so soft and pretty, too. Too bad it’s too hot to wear often right now, but at least you’ll be prepared for autumn. πŸ˜‰

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