DIY Food Hearts

crochet food pins

Hello my fellow crafters!

I’ve been enjoying a little mini-vacation since my husband has had two weeks off. ^.^ While this is great the days are really busy, I usually craft in the mornings before he wakes up (he sleeps like the dead while I’m up at 7am sharp.) During one of these early mornings I thought of these cute little foodie hearts. The idea came from my “Pizza my Heart” canvas painting. These were made as pins, although I think these could be used for quite a few accessories, maybe hair clips, tiny earrings, or paperclip tabs.

Brown, Yellow, Pink, or Green Size 4 yarn (Red Heart, Vanna’s Choice, CraftSmart, ect.)
Size 3 mm Hook or Size 2.5 mm Hook
Yarn Needle, Scissors, Pins, Felt, Glue, Embroidery Thread

Ch – Chain
Sc – Single Crochet
2sc, 2Hdc, 2Dc, 3Trc, ect – (Any number before the stitch) Increase Stitch
Hdc – Half Double Crochet Stitch
Dc – Double Crochet Stitch
Trc – Treble Crochet Stitch
Sl St – Slip Stitch

This is worked in joined rounds (Sl st at the end of each round) but can be done in joined with slightly different results.

To Start, Ch 4. Sl St into the first Ch to create a circle. Ch 2. We will be working in the middle of the circle.

Round 1: Trc 3, Dc 4, Trc, Dc 4, Trc 3, Ch 2 and Sl St in the middle of the circle.

Round 2: Ch 2, Skip first two Stitches, 2Hdc, 3Hdc, 2Hdc, Hdc next 3, 2Hdc,  in the same Stitch do [Hdc, Dc, Hdc], 2Hdc,  Hdc next 3, 2Hdc, 3Hdc, 2Hdc, Ch 2, Skip two stitches and Sl St in middle of circle. Pull tight and cut yarn.

Round 3: Switch to border color (see pic below). Insert the hook at the pointed bottom stitch of the heart.
Working in Backloops ONLY. Hdc, Sc 11, 2sc, 3sc, 2sc, 2sc, Sc, Sl St 5, Sc, 2sc, 2sc, 3sc, 2sc, Sc 10, in the same Stitch do [sc, Hdc]. Cut yarn.

Weave in the loose ends and add the proper toppings to your pizza or seeds to your watermelon. Using glue add the pin, clip, ect to the back of the heart.

All done! These hearts are quick and so versatile. In the fall I want to get a jean jacket and deck it out with crochet pins ahaha. I hope these will be fun and useful to those who make them. As usual thanks for ready, looks like hubby is ready to go get some breakfast (well, probably considered brunch by now.) Have a great day!

Now hungry, Millie ❤


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