Be a Fairy, wear a Flower Crown

Good morning!

Summer has been full of fun and sunny days this year. Usually I’m not a fan of headbands, until I saw this colorful pattern from Jenny and Teddy. Who can resist a flower crown?


This is currently my favorite accessory ever. I used soft cotton and acrylic yarn for the super easy to make flowers. The best part about this headband is the weight, you barely feel it on your head! I wore this to my Busch Gardens trip, shockingly with all the humidity in the air and facing the elements of water, sweat, and the high winds of ferocious roller coasters, this headband is still in phenomenal shape. In addition the amount of compliments I got from girls and women of all ages was crazy (see selfie below).


I sent many people to Jane’s Flower crown pattern right in the middle of the park. The joy of running into other crocheters was so pleasing. After coming home I made a few more headbands to be sold locally at craft shows.

Jane also has more wonderful patterns, including a lot more headbands and useful accessories. Show this fellow crocheter some love ❤ If you have some other crochet headbands you love, shoot the pattern my way 🙂 I would love to add some more to my collection. Especially with upcoming fall and winter when my wardrobe tends to be darker colors. I’d love headbands with lots of color. As always, thanks for reading!

Another Floral fun day,
Love Millie.


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