Curly Me dolls

Hello everybody~

I’m excited to share my absolute favorite dolls I’ve ever made, these two curly haired cuties. If anyone has taken a glance at my old blog would know for YEARS I constantly made doll patterns in hopes of finding the perfect one. I feel like this is the closest one ever been. These two (nameless) girls are both pose-able, and have super soft curly hair. I’m in love.


Originally these were supposed to be quite different. Each girl was going to have a seasonal theme, in addition with a little animal hat. While I tried, I learned that I’m still fairly bad at making removable doll clothing *sigh* On the other hand, I like these much better, a total unexpected result.

Another reason I’m so excited about these dolls is the way they are made, I didn’t have to SEW ANYTHING TOGETHER. Every part of their bodies is crocheted all at once. No spending forever weaving in ends and positioning limbs to make sure they are even, or that the head isn’t crooked. So pleased with the ease of making one completed body.


In my spare time I hope to make a few more diverse dolls and have fun making outfits and mini photo shoots. I have them listed as my Etsy shop as a customizable doll, but not sure what I will do with these two premade ones.  Unfortunately my fan-art doll sat my last craft show made them unnoticeable. In the meantime, I’m pretty content with them looking real cute on my craft shelf.

Thanks for reading, happy doll day for me!
Sharing my curl love, Millie.


3 thoughts on “Curly Me dolls”

  1. How cute! They sure have a lot of personality! 😀 And how did you ever figure out crocheting the body all in one piece? Sounds sooo much better than having to sew everything together, for sure!


  2. These young ladies are adorable!! Good job figuring out how to crochet all in one go! I like making amigurumi but hate all the sewing so I’ve been wondering how to do this too! Did you just create a hole where the arms and legs go then crochet directly on the hole? 😀


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