Greetings! I am Melissa, aka Millie. And I am an Amigurumi Addict.

So, what exactly is an “Amigurumi Addict”?
Amigurumi refers to the Japanese art of crocheting small toys. Basically this means anything made to be as cute as possible. Seeing images of amigurumi online fascinated me so much one day I took the plunge and grasped my first crochet hook. After a few hours I grasped a clumsily made smiling orange, I knew something had begun. Quickly I begun creating my own designs and patterns. Simultaneously, I’d learned about Etsy and how easy it was to open a shop. After 2 months of crochet, Millie’s Crochet House was open for business in 2012, with me being the one woman powerhouse.

Opening Millie’s Crochet House meant more to me than just trying to sell my creations. This had been a major step to verify my independence as an adult. I did all the research, designing, photography, every little detail by myself without any help. My Etsy shop gave me confidence that hard work pays off, and I overcame my fears of failing. I’ve been able to take what I’ve learned from running my own shop to other aspects of my life.

Now I am located in Virginia, and opportunities I’ve never dreamed of have opened up. I often participate in local craft fairs, as well as my work featured in a store front. Selling at markets has been a wonderful experience, I get the change to meet customers face to face and see their excitement over my crafts. I aim to keep pushing on to expanding my love for the art, yarn has completely taken over my life. I hope to brig joy to those of all ages through my amigurumi! Thanks to all who help me on my journey ❤

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