Curly Me dolls

Hello everybody~

I’m excited to share my absolute favorite dolls I’ve ever made, these two curly haired cuties. If anyone has taken a glance at my old blog would know for YEARS I constantly made doll patterns in hopes of finding the perfect one. I feel like this is the closest one ever been. These two (nameless) girls are both pose-able, and have super soft curly hair. I’m in love.


Originally these were supposed to be quite different. Each girl was going to have a seasonal theme, in addition with a little animal hat. While I tried, I learned that I’m still fairly bad at making removable doll clothing *sigh* On the other hand, I like these much better, a total unexpected result.

Another reason I’m so excited about these dolls is the way they are made, I didn’t have to SEW ANYTHING TOGETHER. Every part of their bodies is crocheted all at once. No spending forever weaving in ends and positioning limbs to make sure they are even, or that the head isn’t crooked. So pleased with the ease of making one completed body.


In my spare time I hope to make a few more diverse dolls and have fun making outfits and mini photo shoots. I have them listed as my Etsy shop as a customizable doll, but not sure what I will do with these two premade ones.  Unfortunately my fan-art doll sat my last craft show made them unnoticeable. In the meantime, I’m pretty content with them looking real cute on my craft shelf.

Thanks for reading, happy doll day for me!
Sharing my curl love, Millie.


Be a Fairy, wear a Flower Crown

Good morning!

Summer has been full of fun and sunny days this year. Usually I’m not a fan of headbands, until I saw this colorful pattern from Jenny and Teddy. Who can resist a flower crown?


This is currently my favorite accessory ever. I used soft cotton and acrylic yarn for the super easy to make flowers. The best part about this headband is the weight, you barely feel it on your head! I wore this to my Busch Gardens trip, shockingly with all the humidity in the air and facing the elements of water, sweat, and the high winds of ferocious roller coasters, this headband is still in phenomenal shape. In addition the amount of compliments I got from girls and women of all ages was crazy (see selfie below).


I sent many people to Jane’s Flower crown pattern right in the middle of the park. The joy of running into other crocheters was so pleasing. After coming home I made a few more headbands to be sold locally at craft shows.

Jane also has more wonderful patterns, including a lot more headbands and useful accessories. Show this fellow crocheter some love ❤ If you have some other crochet headbands you love, shoot the pattern my way 🙂 I would love to add some more to my collection. Especially with upcoming fall and winter when my wardrobe tends to be darker colors. I’d love headbands with lots of color. As always, thanks for reading!

Another Floral fun day,
Love Millie.


Back to School Supplies (Crochet Version)

Good morning!

For some of us summer is workout winding down as a new school year quickly approaches. Already I see the yellow aisles in stores with the never ending school supplies, and children whining relentlessly how they aren’t ready to go back. I remember the feeling, and pretty glad that ship has sailed 😆. On the other hand, too bad I didn’t crochet when I was in school, I could’ve enjoyed sine if this stuff I made ahaha.

First on my list are these feather bookmarks. They would’ve been handy for my gigantic textbooks or novels that I had to read in school. These are extremely easy to make, the pattern is from Gava Crochet Love’s blog. The best part about this pattern is you can use the feathers for cute decor or as part of dream catchers. I’m just not that creative and thought, “Oh, bookmarks!”


I’m sure by now many of you have seen the latest crochet fad, mini cacti. I’m not sure why, but I’m always amused when fads come around in the crafting community, most of these items were things made months or years ago that suddenly go on the rise. I liked the cacti, but only because I had since left over pots that I made two and threw them on  my vending table (I wasn’t too passionate about them.) Within 10 minutes I sold the first and an hour later so was the other. The rest of the day I had customers disappointed I didn’t have more!

Now, you may be asking why I consider these “school supplies.” Mainly because everyone who has bought then were high school or college goers expressing how they wanted these for their dorms, lockers, and study desk, which I think is really cool actually. So now I’ve grown to like these little green forever plants a little more.


Lastly, my Disney inspired pencil toppers. I’m not sure how popular at all pencil toppers are ( personally not bring able to access the eraser would drive me crazy) yet that didn’t diminish any joy I had while making them. I had a hard time figuring out which characters to do, so I started simple. Besides, Donald and Daisy are my favs, and you can’t have anything Disney without Mickey and Minnie Mouse. These also fit really good on pens, I thought anyone of any age could enjoy these.

That’s all I have for now! Have a few more projects I will be posting about throughout the rest of the week. Is anyone here getting ready for school? I’ve got all these goodies in my Etsy shop. While school seems like years go, I’m am gearing up for fall, I’m ready for sweater weather ❤

Thanks for reading, have a great day 🙂
-Millie on a crafting spree



DIY Food Hearts

crochet food pins

Hello my fellow crafters!

I’ve been enjoying a little mini-vacation since my husband has had two weeks off. ^.^ While this is great the days are really busy, I usually craft in the mornings before he wakes up (he sleeps like the dead while I’m up at 7am sharp.) During one of these early mornings I thought of these cute little foodie hearts. The idea came from my “Pizza my Heart” canvas painting. These were made as pins, although I think these could be used for quite a few accessories, maybe hair clips, tiny earrings, or paperclip tabs.

Brown, Yellow, Pink, or Green Size 4 yarn (Red Heart, Vanna’s Choice, CraftSmart, ect.)
Size 3 mm Hook or Size 2.5 mm Hook
Yarn Needle, Scissors, Pins, Felt, Glue, Embroidery Thread

Ch – Chain
Sc – Single Crochet
2sc, 2Hdc, 2Dc, 3Trc, ect – (Any number before the stitch) Increase Stitch
Hdc – Half Double Crochet Stitch
Dc – Double Crochet Stitch
Trc – Treble Crochet Stitch
Sl St – Slip Stitch

This is worked in joined rounds (Sl st at the end of each round) but can be done in joined with slightly different results.

To Start, Ch 4. Sl St into the first Ch to create a circle. Ch 2. We will be working in the middle of the circle.

Round 1: Trc 3, Dc 4, Trc, Dc 4, Trc 3, Ch 2 and Sl St in the middle of the circle.

Round 2: Ch 2, Skip first two Stitches, 2Hdc, 3Hdc, 2Hdc, Hdc next 3, 2Hdc,  in the same Stitch do [Hdc, Dc, Hdc], 2Hdc,  Hdc next 3, 2Hdc, 3Hdc, 2Hdc, Ch 2, Skip two stitches and Sl St in middle of circle. Pull tight and cut yarn.

Round 3: Switch to border color (see pic below). Insert the hook at the pointed bottom stitch of the heart.
Working in Backloops ONLY. Hdc, Sc 11, 2sc, 3sc, 2sc, 2sc, Sc, Sl St 5, Sc, 2sc, 2sc, 3sc, 2sc, Sc 10, in the same Stitch do [sc, Hdc]. Cut yarn.

Weave in the loose ends and add the proper toppings to your pizza or seeds to your watermelon. Using glue add the pin, clip, ect to the back of the heart.

All done! These hearts are quick and so versatile. In the fall I want to get a jean jacket and deck it out with crochet pins ahaha. I hope these will be fun and useful to those who make them. As usual thanks for ready, looks like hubby is ready to go get some breakfast (well, probably considered brunch by now.) Have a great day!

Now hungry, Millie ❤


Feeling Blue

Hello everyone!

Been a bit busy the past few days, took my first trip to Busch Gardens and was completely wiped out the next day but oh so much summer fun. Finally I had the time to write this quick post about my favorite piece of clothing at the moment, my shawl!


MAXIMUM COMFORT. I used “I Love this Yarn” in Stonewash tone for the main part which turned out super pretty. Also this particular color was a slightly thinner size 4 yarn, making the shawl not too heavy or light. Unfortunately summer is coming full force now with a permanent thick humidity, so I could only enjoy wearing this for a few minutes before I was getting sweaty. I did get to officially sport my look last night at a 1 am IHop date, which was perfect because the air conditioning was very high.

One day I would love to make more of these. Already my mother is demanding I make one for her, which would be perfect she’s ALWAYS cold too ahahaha. Thanks for reading my update! I will be coming back next time with another easy (and food related) tutorial.

Happy sunny weekend to you all! ❤ Millie